2 Years of Scientific Theatre

Today we’re celebrating the two-year anniversary of the first scientific theatre performance at the 2012 Freiburg Forum on Environmental Governance on 2nd March 2012. View various pictures of the showcasing of our first play “Setting the Stage for Sustainable Consumption” at the event. To our surprise and pleasure the show was a great success, and that performance turned out to be the beginning of an exciting journey.

Since March 2012 we have performed our work at many different events and venues. Visit the list of organisations and events we performed for here. To fit the thematic contents of the events we developed new scenes on the topics of renewable energy, climate change, leadership for change, cost of food and urban sustainability.

The Scientific Theatre has been an adventurous and inspiring journey for all of us, and it is our dream to continue this project, which we are so passionate about. With all the positive energy we have received from our experiences and our audiences, we look forward to keep on acting for sustainability. Read more about our story or how to support us.

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