Freiburg Sustainability Week

On the 22nd June our show “A Compass to Sustainability” was the final event of the Freiburg Sustainability Week. The week with various events on living sustainably in Freiburg was organized by the city council and open to the public. About 180 people watched our performance, including the major of Freiburg (Dr. Dieter Salomon) and the dean of the faculty of environment and natural resources of Freiburg’s university (Prof. Barbara Koch).

In order to fit the thematic contents of the event we adapted various of our scenes and developed new ones on the concept of the “sustainability compass“. In addition we translated some of our scenes to German.

Marburger Bildungsfest

In June 2013 we were invited to perform at the opening of the Marburger Bildungsfest. The Bildungfest takes place in tepees directly by the riverside in Marburg. Topics of the annual 4-day festival are education, sustainability, equity and political action. We enjoyed the unique experience of performing in a circus tent and were grateful for the great opportunity to play in Marburg.


On the 6-7 June we performed at the “InContext Final Conference & Informed Cities Forum 2013“. In addition to various scenes of our first play “Setting the Stage for Sustainable Consumption”, we developed two new scenes on urban sustainabilty and changed the storyline connecting the scenes. For the first time we didn’t staged the performance in one single time-slot, but distributed it throughout the event in 15min sketches between breaks.