Month: December 2014

Vision Weekend at the Mathisle Hut

The first weekend of December 2014 we spend at a 250-year-old hut in the Black Forest. On Saturday we reflected on the shows, workshops and developments in 2014 and started to dream and plan the upcoming year. The result of this exciting collective process was a tree (see pictures) – the roots symbolizing our experiences and history, the trunk to represent the present and a

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Scientific Theatre Workshop in Freiburg

After many requests, we are excited to invite you to a Scientific Theatre Workshop on the 17-18th January 2015. We will share with you our Scientific-Theatre method; an introducion on how to use theatre to communicate sustainability science. No previous knowledge of theatre – or science – is necessary, just motivation to try something new and interest in sustainability and cultural diversity. When: 17-18th January

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