Our Story

We developed the Scientific Theatre as part of the 5th annual Freiburg Forum on Environmental Governance, showcasing our first play “Setting the Stage for Sustainable Consumption” in March 2012. Organising this event required joint decision-making involving the entire student body, and so the theatre was born out of intercultural dialogue, experimental learning and intensive team work, guided by the spirit of understanding and cooperation.

20120302-SOE 2012-004To our surprise and pleasure the event was a great success, and that performance turned out to be the beginning of an exciting journey. Since March 2012 we have performed our work, always to wide acclaim, at many different events and venues, including the Right Livelihood College and Youth Future Conference in Bonn, the YLS Dialogforum, the InContext Conference Berlin, the Marburg Bildungsfest, the Ökohaus Rostock and the Freiburg Sustainability Week. In October 2012, we received an honorary mention by the University of Freiburg for our initiative, and were nominated for the “Sonderpreis für herausragendes studentisches Engagement des Landes Baden-Württemberg” (a state-wide university student engagement award).

Positive responses from diverse audiences with different academic, professional and cultural backgrounds, and the motivating personal experiences we enjoyed during the project, made us realize the great value of the concept and encouraged us to take it to the next level. In November 2012 we founded a legal association (e.V.) in Germany, and are, since then, recruiting members, working on our acting skills, exploring new topics, developing new performances, applying for funding, and establishing partnerships.

The Scientific Theatre has been an adventurous and inspiring journey for all of us, and it is our dream to continue this project, which we are so passionate about. With all the positive energy we have received from our experiences and our audiences, we look forward to keep on acting for sustainability.