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IUFRO Congress in Freiburg

On Sunday, 17 September 2017, we presented a performance on the future of forests at the “IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress – Interconnecting Forests, Science and People” in Freiburg. Forests and trees play a vital role in sustaining life on earth. For 125 years the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) has been committed to promoting international cooperation in research embracing the full range of

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Performances in April

We are currently preparing for three performances at the end of April. First we will travel to the south of Sweden to perform for the LUMES students at Lund University on 18 April and at the Agroecology Day 2016 at SLU Alnarp on 20 April. In Sweden we will present a production (of new and old scenes) on food, agriculture and its governance. A week

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Global Landscapes Forum in Paris

On Saturday, 5 December 2015, we performed at the  2015 Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) in Paris. The GLF is the leading platform for bringing together individuals and organizations that have an impact on land use. The event was the largest meeting on the sidelines of the UNFCCC COP21 with more than 3200 participants. We presened various scenes about (un)sustainable land-use and resource governance with the

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University Grant for Art and Sustainability Program

In a fantastic start to 2015, we are happy to report that the Freiburg Scientific Theatre, in conjunction with the MEG Program, has received a generous grant from the University of Freiburg to develop and conduct a seminar and workshop series on Art and Sustainability Science. The grant, which was awarded by the University’s Student Representative Council, comes from an Innovation Fund designed to encourage

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Vision Weekend at the Mathisle Hut

The first weekend of December 2014 we spend at a 250-year-old hut in the Black Forest. On Saturday we reflected on the shows, workshops and developments in 2014 and started to dream and plan the upcoming year. The result of this exciting collective process was a tree (see pictures) – the roots symbolizing our experiences and history, the trunk to represent the present and a

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Call for Potential Partner Organisations

We are currently in the process of applying for the EU grant “Strategic Partnerships” directed at youth organisations. With this grant we hope to establish a network of socially and environmentally conscious theatre and social entrepreneurship organisations throughout Europe. We would very much appreciate your help in identifying potential partners. The types of groups we would be interested in working with include the following types

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Internal Theatre Workshop

Eight actors of the Freiburg Scientific Theatre enjoyed a theatre workshop with Vanessa Segura during the past three days. The team learnt new techniques, got to know exciting exercises and developed some new scenes. An important element of our approach is that we work with an array of professional theatre educators to expand our knowledge of various theatre techniques and styles.  

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Launch of the new website

Freiburg Scientific Theatre - Acting for Sustainability

Lovers, young and old, of the Freiburg Scientific Theatre, The wait is finally over! Today we are happy and proud to launch our brand new official website: Complete with a shiny new user friendly interface and packed full of information, stories, pictures, and videos – it’s the only site you need to visit to get all the information you could possibly ever need to

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2 Years of Scientific Theatre

Today we’re celebrating the two-year anniversary of the first scientific theatre performance at the 2012 Freiburg Forum on Environmental Governance on 2nd March 2012. View various pictures of the showcasing of our first play “Setting the Stage for Sustainable Consumption” at the event. To our surprise and pleasure the show was a great success, and that performance turned out to be the beginning of an

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Tour to Greifswald & Rostock

Mid-October we organized a Scientific Theatre Tour to the Baltic Sea. In Greifswald we performed as part of the alumni conference “Conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems” on 12 October and for a wider public in the student organized theatre on 14th October. In between Sadhbh, Andrea, Jade and Torben facilitated a 5-hour workshop for the Ökohaus e.V. Rostock and the team showed potpourri of various scenes

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