Role Play


Facilitated by Friederike Gezork and Ida Wallin


cloud-question-mark-400x600-2In this interactive role-play you can sense, explore and play out reality, embody different perspectives of Climate Change and find out more about yourself.


In this role-play we take a closer look at the ongoing auction of the brown coal (lignite) power-plant in East Germany known as Schwarze Pumpe. Step into the shoes of one of the actors in this controversial case and find out more about its complexity and the different perspectives involved.


The Swedish company Vattenfall recently announced that they are selling off all their brown-coal power-plants in Germany. Protesters have been campaigning for the German Government to close down Schwarze Pumpe power-plant: The coal must stay underground! Cut the CO2 emissions! But brown coal continues to be the backbone of German and European energy production… Who will buy it in the end? What social and environmental requirements will be demanded?


Come along to the role-play on Wednesday 4th November and get the full picture by re-enacting the case with all of its stakeholders -and let us know what you think is the best solution! The role play will start at 13h, and at around 14h we will be serving warm soup to all participants and having an informal discussion about the experience.


Ida Wallin holds an MSc on forest management and is a PhD student at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and at the Chair for Forest and Environmental Policy, Freiburg University. Her research interest is the governing of forest resources, obstacles and opportunities with participatory processes. Ida has a long experience of live action role-playing and process facilitation.




Friederike Gezork is Cultural Anthropologist and Peace and Conflict Researcher. She is a trained conflict mediator and facilitates workshops on education on sustainable development, intercultural competence, teambuilding and theatre.




Impressions of the Role Play:


4th November, 13-15h
Innenhof, at the Herderbau building (Tennenbacher Str. 4)



FREE ENTRANCE, donations welcome.
There will be warm soup!
No need to register, just drop by and join in!


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