Theatre Performance

Paradise Vetoed – Stories of Climate Change

Thursday, 2 July 20h at Nouage Fou Theatre (Lutherkirch Str. 1)
Created and produced by the Freiburg Scientific Theatre


Chuck and Gloria are an adorable couple with one mission in life: fighting Climate Change. When geeky scientist and renowned policy-maker land on Paradise island for their next COP meeting, they are ready to finally make a difference -in cooperation with the locals of course. While negotiators negotiate, life on the island is far from Eden. As the storms get more devastating and resources become scarce, opinions clash and tensions rise along with the sea level. Amongst the turmoil a young girl tries to find her voice – but will anyone hear her?


BaWü-Labs GO!The Freiburg Scientific Theatre is a culturally diverse group of young and passionate sustainability experts based in Freiburg, Germany. We use theatrical techniques to communicate important sustainability science messages to the public and promote discussion in an entertaining and engaging manner. As we appeal to the emotions, not just the mind, we can engage and provoke audience members at a deeper level than is possible with traditional science communication methods.

Single performance on 2nd July at 20h
Venue: Theater Nouage Fou, Lutherkirch Str. 1, Stülinger-Freiburg
(Tramline 5, stop: Friedrich-Ebert-Platz)

Entrance is FREE!

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