Scientific Theatre – Using theatre to communicate sustainability

Sat-Sun, 11-12 July 10-18h
Torben Flörkemeier and Sadhbh Juárez Bourke

Are you interested in theatre?
Do you care about sustainability?

This workshop is an introduction to using theatre as a tool for communicating policy and scientific debates on sustainability. No previous knowledge of theatre -or science- is necessary, just motivation to try something new, and most important… to have fun!


What will we do?
The workshop will give you an insight of how to develop a short theatre play or sketch about sustainability with a diverse group of people. We will start off by introducing you to some basic theatre improvisation exercises so we begin to get to know each other and discover our theatrical side. We will then collectively come up with topics of sustainability that we are interested in, and use them as material for developing little scenes.

What will you take from it?
The aim of the workshop is to offer you a different perspective of sustainability: by engaging with body, heart and mind, we can begin not only to understand the complexity of sustainability, but also experience it at a human level. From this perspective problem-solving involves not only our intellectual abilities, but engaging ourselves and others as a person, with our fears and dreams, our capacity to empathise and to work together. At the same time we will teach you some basic pedagogical tools of scientific-theatre that can be useful for you in your professional and daily life.

Who is it for?
This workshop is open to all audiences: there is no need to have any previous theatre knowledge to participate. It can also be of interest to theatre and environmental educators, teachers and facilitators who would like to learn a new arts-based technique.



TorbenFloerkemeierTorben Flörkemeier BA. in Political Science and Economics (Bremen) and MSc. in Environmental Governance (Freiburg). Torben worked and facilitated workshops for consultancies and NGOs in the field of Education for Sustainable Development, organic agriculture, sustainability in development cooperation and green economy. He is currently writing his PhD on historical energy transitions. As co-founder of the Freiburg Scientific Theatre, he regularly facilitates Scientific Theatre workshops.


SadhbhJuarezBourke_aSadhbh Juarez Bourke is a Spanish-Irish environmental scientist, currently working as coordinator for international master programmes and the Art Science and Sustainability Series at the University of Freiburg. Sadhbh has worked in Spain, France and Germany for research centres, NGOs and consultancies. Her interdisciplinary background includes climate change research, environmental education and awareness, urban governance, gender and intercultural communication. Strongly engaged in student organisations throughout her academic life, she is one of the founding members and current vice-president of the Freiburg Scientific Theatre, a group that uses dramatic techniques to spread the messages of environmental and sustainability science to diverse audiences in Germany. In addition, she regularly facilitates workshops on Scientific Theatre and Intercultural Communication.


When: 11-12t July 2015, 10:00 – 18:00 h
Where: Herderbau, Tennenbacherstr. 4, Freiburg

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    Scientific Theatre Workshop - Sat-Sun, 11-12 July 10-18h
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