Setting the Stage for Sustainable Consumption

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I
— I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference”

Robert Frost, 1920.

We have all heard about the need to change our consumption patterns, but what does consuming sustainably actually mean? And, how can it be achieved? By the power of the individual or collective action? Through markets or state regulation? Technology or social transformation?

The theatre’s maiden work, “Setting the Stage for Sustainable Consumption,” explores these questions and portrays the experiences of a group of citizens on the path to environmental awareness, and their different approaches to try and trigger transformation towards a sufficient society.

Act I – Ruling the World

The Sales are on at our favourite supermarket, and delighted buyers are in a frenzy – but not everyone is fooled by the low prices. What lies behind the glossy packaging of our food products? From Spain to India, from seed to shop, our characters will be shocked to realise their world has been taken over by multinational corporations. But Civil Society has the solution! The answer is revolution! Will our friends manage to deal with the pleasures of power and overcome the constraints of corruption?

Act II – The Odyssey

Not all want to rebel – normal people go on with their monotone suburban lives. TV to escape from reality, but how do you escape from TV? In the search for meaning and happiness, pure fantasy is needed. It will take the knowledge of an ancient myth to realise that in the quest for transition we are all in the same boat. But it is not easy to defeat the sirenic forces of consumption and the Cyclops of conservatism. Is change really possible?

Act III – Hope

Our characters begin to despair as change seems to be more and more an unattainable illusion. But before giving up, modern Environmental Governance Schemes present us with the ultimate solution – without the need to change – or so they say.