Mermy – The Siren of Consumption

Catchphrase: “I have iPads and plasma screen televisions.”

20120302-SOE 2012-005aAre you attracted to finer things in life? Shiny, shimmering, wonderfully sparkly things that seem to call out to you, leading you on like some seductive force from ancient mythology. Diamonds, Gucci dresses, whatever your addiction might be, Mermy can provide it for you. For a price of course, but what else would you expect from the siren of consumption? You might think there’s no harm in it. And perhaps that true – up to a point. The question is – will you be able to resist Mermy’s sensual song? Will you be able to say, “enough’s enough,” and break the bonds of Mermy’s gold plated clutches – freeing yourself from the spell of consumption?  Or, like so many others, will you be enslaved endlessly, like some kind of mindless, all consuming hamster – spinning aimlessly around the ever-growing global wheel of production and consumption, for the rest of your days?


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