Mr. Markets – Just Following the Cash

Catchphrase: “What do I hear bid for this fine specimen?”

20131013-Rostock-004aDo you believe that there’s a solution to every environmental problem? A simple, cost-effective, win-win, market-based solution? Mr Markets sure does, and what’s more, he knows there’s a profit to be made finding it. Why should you settle with having to buy your tomatoes from the local market, when they can be delivered to your home in cans for half the price? GMO foods have the potential to feed to world, but you wouldn’t just give them away, would you? And, what’s the point of locking up all that nature in conservation areas, when there are clear profits to be made in getting in there, getting dirty, and getting some real value for all those beautiful natural resources. After all, if you really thought that stuff was worth saving, you’d be willing to pay for it, right? Of course you would. And Mr Markets would be right there ready to sell it to you. It’d be good for you and the environment.


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