Ms. L. Box – The Consumerist Pawn

Catchphrase: “What are you always complaining about?

20140221-Cost of Food-004aLife’s pretty good, isn’t it? You’ve got a place to live, a job to do, plenty of food, and lots of things to buy. Don’t you just think, “how lucky am I?” as you haul your sleep deprived body out of bed every morning and wade silently through your morning rituals, ignoring those annoying housemates and fellow commuters on the tram until you are safe at work? And isn’t it great now that you hardly ever get distracted by personal calls from pesky friends or relatives – honestly, who has the time? Not you, stuck in that little box of an office, the days just fly by. Oh well, tempus fugit as they say. But you can’t really complain can you? How could anyone complain? Just think of what’s waiting for you at home in that nice little box of an apartment – a microwave dinner, an ice-cold beer, and a nice, numbing evening of TV watching, before you slink off to sleep, alone and unloved. Yeah, this is the life! Wouldn’t you agree?


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