The Amazon – A Force of Nature

Catchphrase: “I am the cycle of life, with no beginning or end.

20120302-SOE 2012-008Do you see yourself as a child of nature? A vital element of a grand overarching system in which we are all connected and interrelated? A true and pure spiritual specimen, resisting and surviving untrampled by the ravages of the material world which surround you? The Amazon represents the waxing and waning of the natural world – the great ebbs and flows of life, death and rebirth. A truly great and immense power – but at the same time as delicate as the most precious and rare flower, hidden within her forests. There are those that would seek to keep her beauty for their own – to tear at it, to chop and dissect it, split it up and sell it off. Many more grasp and clutch at her daily, just to survive. How long can she withstand these pressures? How long until she is taken away? And you flower child, how long will you stay true to your values?


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