The Cyclops of Conservatism – Resistance is Futile

Catchphrase: “Money, money, money!”

20131013-Rostock-012aSome things are just meant to be, right? Customs, traditions, social institutions, all those wonderful things that have always been like they have always been – they need to be cherished and conserved, wouldn’t you agree? They keep our society safe and stable. We need to keep growing, we need to keep the economy strong. Otherwise there would be chaos – anarchy! The Cyclops of Conservatism knows this. She’s always known this. That’s why she’s been counting her money for 5000 years, making sure everything is right and good in the world. You would be advised not to disturb her with your new fangled ideas. Your radical concepts of equality of wealth distribution, post-growth, and, God forbid, a world without tyranny! That kind of stuff is just going to make her mad, and believe us, you don’t want to make her mad! Best you just run along now.


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