The Eco-dictator – Change through power/power through change

Catchphrase: “I have a vision!”

20120302-SOE 2012-001Do you believe that the time for discussion has ended? That the time for action is now upon us? The world’s in a desperate state – plenty of people know it, and plenty of people are talking about it, but what’s actually being done to fix it. The Eco-dictator believes that the rules of the system are slowing us down (including that pesky concept of democracy). Preventing us from taking affirmative action to save the planet. It’s time to fight, it’s time to free ourselves, it’s time for a revolution. Can you lead your people to a sustainable future? Tell them what to do, how to live their lives ecologically, give them new and better regulations, control them so they don’t have to think – and all the while make them love you for it? Maybe, but at what cost? You might save the world – what about your humanity?


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