Acting for Sustainability

We take discussion of sustainability to a new level by combining performance with complex scientific knowledge.

Drawing from our interdisciplinary expertise and experience in environmental studies and governance we offer tailored performances to fit the thematic contents of your sustainability event.

Performance + Science + Sustainability

We use theatre to promote and facilitate transdisciplinary dialogue on sustainability in the context of academic and public conferences, to create a new level of communication that engages participants with the heart as well as the mind.


“So inspiring, so relevant… and truely enjoyable and creative. You give hope.”

Dr. Anwar Fazal, Alternative Nobel Laureate

Who we are

We are a culturally diverse group of young and passionate sustainability experts based in Freiburg, Germany. We work in assembly and democratically, creating our plays through a collective process of improvisation and experimentation.


“The actors did a great job in challenging people, pushing them to go beyond the usual sustainability mantras, picking up on contradictions in our discussions – you could tell they have an in-depth understanding of the topic – well, they are environmental governance graduates after all!”

Ania Rok, Governance & Social Innovation Officer, ICLEI European Secretariat

What we offer

We offer practitioners, academics and the public a new perspective of sustainability. Abstract scientific and policy concepts are embodied in real-life stories from around the world and our every-day lives. By appealing to the emotions, not just the mind, we engage and provoke audience members at a deeper level than is possible with traditional science communication methods.

After 40 minutes of hilarious laughter and some hidden tears, a new platform for dialogue and reflection is created, in which professionals and public no longer speak through their knowledge of sustainability, but their experience of it, reaching a new level of communication and exchange.


“This goes way beyond infotainment. Welcome to trans-science.”

Christoph Pfisterer, Creative Projects Assistant at “The Urban Idea”

Our Performances

Our tailored performances are usually of 25-50 minutes long and can be staged in one single time-slot or distributed throughout the event. They can be part of both the scientific programme and cultural events, or even serve as a means to transit from one to the other. Our performances are mostly in English, but we like to include Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and German.

Enjoy a trailer of some of our current performances:

We performed for….