Tailored Performances

We offer a tailor-made performance for academic conferences, seminars, festivals, schools and public events based on your specific context and needs.

How do we tailor performances?

Drawing from our expertise in environmental studies and sustainability governance we offer performances to fit the thematic contents of your event. We have already developed material on the topics of sustainable consumption, renewable energy, climate change and urban sustainability and are excited to create performances on new topics upon your request.

Why should you book us?
  • We’re fun
  • Your audience will remember us
  • We offer entertainment plus content
  • We create an atmosphere for lively discussions
  • We celebrate cultural diversity

Interested? Find out about the technical details



We offer a 30 to 50 min. performance that can be staged in one single time-slot, or distributed throughout the event in 15min sketches between breaks.


Because we usually play in an international setting, our performances are mainly in English. Upon request we also perform in German and Spanish.


We can perform almost anywhere and are very flexible regarding technical equipment.


Depending on the event our team will consist of 5 to 8 actors and a technical assistant.

Book us right now or enjoy our show-reel, check out whom we performed for and feedback from the audience.