The Team

Torben Flörkemeier

Acting, Facilitation & Management

Born in Detmold, Germany. Bachelor in Political Science and Economics (Bremen) and M.Sc. in Environmental Governance (Freiburg). Torben worked for consultancies and NGOs in the field of Education for Sustainable Development, organic agriculture, sustainability in development cooperation and green economy. Currently he does a PhD on transition studies and regularly facilitates workshops combining theatre and sustainability themes.
Languages: German and English.

“The combination of theatrical expression, scientific content and discussion creates an inspiring learning atmosphere and facilitates positive change.”

Andrea Braun


Born in Asuncion, Paraguay. Bachelor in Eng. in Environmental Engineering (São Carlos, Brazil) and MSc. in Environmental Governance (Freiburg). Andrea worked for the Environmental Ministry in Paraguay with Environmental Impact Assessment and is currently working with an international forestry consultancy in Freiburg.
Languages: Spanish, German, Portuguese and English.

“The Collective Engagement in a Creative Task connects us with ourselves and others.”

Carla Soldan


Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. BSc. Civil Engineering (Rio de Janeiro) and MSc. Environmental Governance (Freiburg). Carla has worked as an engineer transforming nature for society. She is currently works as project coordinator at Deutsche Bahn.
Languages: Portuguese, English and German.

“Action to change paradigms can transform the world.”

Friederike Gezork

Acting, Music and Facilitation

Born in Filderstadt, Germany. Bachelor in Comparative Cultural and Religious Studies, Master in Peace and Conflict Studies (Marburg). Friederike is a trained mediator currently working as intercultural trainer and in environmental education. At the moment she is attending a training course in conflict counseling and coaching, and is very interested in communication and conflict transformation in groups.
Languages: German, English, French.

“Transformation only works when our hearts are touched.”

Ida Wallin

Acting & Facilitation

Born in Stockholm, Sweden. Doctoral degree in Forest Management from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences – SLU. Ida has worked for forestry companies and forest owner associations as well as volunteered for the Icelandic National Forest Inventory. Currently she is working as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Freiburg.
Languages: Swedish, English, German.

Sustainability is a concept that does not allow itself to be fully defined by science. Art provides a pathway to implicit understanding of what sustainability is and can be for us all.”

Sadhbh Juárez Bourke

Acting, Facilitation & Project Management

Born in Madrid, Spain. BSc Environmental Science (Barcelona) and MSc. Environmental Governance (Freiburg). Sadhbh has worked since 2006 in a range of  environmental areas, including climate change monitoring, urban sustainability and environmental communication. She coordinated International Master programmes, and recently organised the “Science Sustainability and Art” series for the Freiburg Scientific Theatre. She also facilitates Scientific Theatre and Intercultural Communication workshops.
Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, German and French.

In every performance we are transformed, along with the audience.”

Brendan Dobbie


Born Sydney, Australia. Bachelor in Law, B.A. Communications (Media Arts and Production) (Sydney), MSc. in Environmental Governance (Freiburg). Brendan worked as an environmental lawyer in Sydney for a number of years before coming to study in Freiburg. His interests include research into the way the public uses scientific information to inform decision making, especially in regard to climate change, and the power of theatre to convey scientific messages and inspire change in individual behaviour.

“Our theatre is a reflection of our own hopes and dreams for the world. We are able to connect with our audiences at a deeper level because we lay our hearts bare before them.”

Jonathan Rivas


Born in Caracas, Venezuela. Bachelor in Production Engineering (Caracas) and MSc. in Forest Ecology and Management. Jonathan has worked in many different fields, always with intention of learning and developing new skills. He is currently working in the University of Freiburg doing research on Silviculture and on Environmental Policy. He is also a yoga teacher and a passionate farmer.
Languages: Spanish, English, French and German.

“Theater is the playground where we can stop being us and transform into the most powerful transmitter vehicles of messages, knowledge, feelings and emotions.”

Griselda Bereciartu


Born in Barcelona, Spain. Bachelor in Humanities (Philosophy, History, Literature and Art) in the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona); MSc. in Environmental Governance (Freiburg). Griselda has worked for the GIZ in Brussels (Rural Development) and collaborated in a reforestation project in the Philippines. She is currently a Yoga teacher, writes poetry and is involved in a Social Business Project regarding water filtration technology.
Languages: Spanish, English, German, French and Catalan. Currently struggling with the Arabic alphabet.

“The lowest possible temperature is -273.15 degrees Celsius. Beyond that point no heat energy remains. However there is no maximum positive temperature. Great fact which mirrors the magic of life! There is a bottom line from which we start off; but there is no limit to our potential. Share the dream and you will make it happen.”

Ilina Dimitrova


Born in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Bachelor in International Relations (Sofia) and MSc. Environmental Governance (Freiburg). Ilina has worked for various political institutions and firms in the private sector, as well as agencies for development cooperation.
Languages: English, German, Bulgarian

 “Acting is a language that transcends different people, cultures and geographical borders. And when spoken with emotion it can leave indelible mark in the heart.”

Camila Flórez


Born in Lima, Peru. Bachelor in Political Science (Lima, Peru & Lund, Sweden) and MSc. Environmental Governance (Freiburg). Camila has worked in the field of climate change, engaging in multistakeholder policy processes and conducting interdisciplinary analysis. Currently her research focus is on resilience to change and uncertainty.
Languages: Spanish, English & German (basic).

Theatre lets us think less and feel more

Gaby Costa


Born in Loja, Ecuador. Graduate of Legal Sciences Faculty in Universidad de las Americas – Quito Ecuador. Gaby worked in the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador as advocate for the Biodiversity office (focus on crimes against nature as illegal hunting and illegal trading). Currently, she is studying a master program in Environmental Governance in Freiburg University.
Languages: Spanish and English.

“Theater, those magic moments were our behaviors, perception and awareness are question trough laughs and art.”

Naike Marengo


Born in Savigliano, Italy. Bachelor in Foreign Languages and Communication for Territory Development, Business and Tourism (Aosta, Italy and Chambéry, France). Naike has recently completed a nine month internship at an environmental education centre in Namibia and is currently studying the MSc. Environmental Governance (Freiburg).
Languages: Italian, English, French and German.

“Knowledge and awareness through art and amusement.”

Brian James Shaw


Born in County Wicklow, Ireland. B.Sc. in Forest Management in Dublin Ireland and Michigan, USA. M.Sc. in European Forestry, Joensuu Finland and Freiburg Germany. Brian has worked in telecoms, forestry, systems analysis, and as an organic ice cream entrepreneur, currently at Uni Freiburg working on sustainability issues at the landscape scale. Particularly interested in investigating and living how both embodiment and experiencing art can help people understand what lies beyond their normative assumptions.