In addition to tailored performances, we offer Scientific Theatre Workshops sharing our experience of how to use theatre as a unique and different tool for communicating policy and scientific debates on sustainability. We teach participants to engage with their body, heart and mind and experience the joy of a collective process. The exercises enable them to playfully and interactively deal with sustainability issues and benefit from contexts of cultural, academic and professional diversity. Our workshops are particularly suited for international Summer Schools, academic conferences, seminars, and festivals.

Who is it for? 

There is no need to have any previous theatre knowledge to participate. Students, academics and practitioners will be able to approach sustainability issues from another perspective and to enjoy eye-opening moments.

Our workshops are also of interest for educators and theatre/drama teachers, who can learn a new holistic method combining scientific content with emotions and movement, which can then be taught to others.

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Our workshops can range from a 2-hour session (e.g as a parallel event in an academic conference) to a full week programme (e.g. as part of an academic Summer School). We can adapt to your needs!


We offer workshops in English, German and Spanish.


We do not require any equipment other than a spacious room (depending on group size).


Our workshops are most effective with a group of between 12-25 participants. The minimum number of workshop participants is 7 people. Depending on the group size we one or two facilitators.

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