Our Approach

Scientific Theatre combines expert knowledge on sustainability debates with theatrical performance. The theatre serves as a mediator between experts, scientific communities and the public, as well as between cultures and generations. It is a collective experience, which deepens understandings, cuts through communication barriers, and can serve as a catalyst for public interaction and behavioural change.

The approach is born out of the professional background of our theatre crew, who are not trained actors, but sustainability scientists and practitioners. This experience allows us to expand our approach beyond the performance to include substantiated discussion with the audience. The broad spectrum of our international and professional backgrounds enables us to adjust our performance to the theme of the occasion at which we are playing.

A significant feature of our Scientific Theatre is the use of different languages, cultural traditions and music.

To develop our performances we work with an array of professional theatre educators and are always looking to expand our horizons. Our approach centres on bridging the gap between the performers and audience by engaging them in a discussion on sustainability issues. The shape of such a dialogue can be developed in partnership and tailored according to the context of the event at which we are performing.The Scientific Theatre supports trans-disciplinary knowledge and participatory learning. We offer a holistic approach to academic discussion that incorporates emotional experience as well as intellectual value. The theatre allows participants to access scientific knowledge and react to it emotionally.