Science Sustainability and Art Series

Exploring tools for transformation

A series of lectures, workshops and performances in summer 2015 that explored the use of art as a tool for transformation in sustainability science. 

From the use of theatre in participatory methods, poetry to understand insect behaviour, and art therapy to deal with the anxiety that comes with environmental awareness, students, academics and interested citizens came together this summer to discuss, feel and experience first-hand the innovative ways in which art can be used to make research truly transformative.


Monday 29 June 17:30h – Artful Sustainability Studies: Of aesthetics of complexity and radical open citizenship. Lecture by Dr. Sacha Kagan, Leuphana University of Lüneburg

Tuesday 30 June 17:30h – Working “Predisciplinary”. Towards Sources of Sustainability. Lecture by Dr. phil. Hildegard Kurt, Institute for Art, Culture and Sustainability, Berlin

Thursday 2 July 20h – Paradise Vetoed: Stories of Climate Change. Theatre Performance by the Freiburg Scientific Theatre e.V., Freiburg

Friday 3 July 17:30h – Science Education Indisciplined. Lecture by Prof. Raghavendra Gadagkar, Center for Ecological Sciences, Bangalore

Saturday 4 July 10-18h The Art of Scientific Observation. Workshop by Prof. Raghavendra Gadagkar, Center for Ecological Sciences, Bangalore

Sunday 5 July 10-18h Art therapy for frustrated environmentalists… and comic drawing for latent activists. Workshop by Brendan Dobbie, University of Freiburg

Sat. and Sun. 11-12 July 10-18h Scientific Theatre Workshop: Using theatre to communicate sustainability. Workshop by Torben Flörkemeier and Sadhbh Juárez Bourke, Freiburg Scientific Theatre e.V.