ACT TWO Workshop – Let’s Play Transformations

On Wednesday, 11 November 2015, Maria Heras facilitated an evening workshop on “Performative methods for sustainability learning” in the Archäologische Sammlung, Herderbau (Tennenbacher Straße 4, Freiburg). By combining theory with theatre-based activities and reflection on action, this workshop explored from an embodied perspective the possibilities of participatory-theatre methods in our research practice and brought the participants into a creative, aesthetical dialogue. Read more about the evening workshop and the ACTTWO event series in November 2015.

Scientific-Theatre-Workshop – January 2015 in Freiburg

On the 17th and 18nd January 2015 we facilitated the first public Scientific-Theatre Workshop in Freiburg. During those two days a group of ten international participants got to know basic exercises and tools of our Scientific-Theatre method. After experiencing various interactive theatre games they learnd basic techniques of Improvisation-Theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed and Theatre for Living. At the end of the workshop the group developed some short theatre sketches on sustainability issues.

Some impressions:

In case you are interested in a Scientific Theatre Workshop in your town and/or organisation, please contact us and we can develop a tailored proposal for you.

Konferenz n – Hochschule weiter denken

Invited by the netzwerk n we performed on Friday, 10th October 2014 at the “konferenz n -Hochschule weiter denken” in Bochum. The conference asked how education and research for sustainable development should be designed and what part students play in this process. The organisers invited students and university officials that are promoting a sustainable university – especially members of student initiatives.

The Freiburg Scientific Theatre opened the event with a tailored performance on sustainability issues in universities, facilitated various exercises and the development of standing pictures by the conference participants. In addition, we close the conference with a second performance on changing systems to be more sustainable. Pictures of our performance as well as the facilitation of theatre exercises are below.

Internal Theatre Workshop

Eight actors of the Freiburg Scientific Theatre enjoyed a theatre workshop with Vanessa Segura during the past three days. The team learnt new techniques, got to know exciting exercises and developed some new scenes. An important element of our approach is that we work with an array of professional theatre educators to expand our knowledge of various theatre techniques and styles.

Scientific Theatre Workshop at Wirkcamp 2014

At the Wirkcamp 2014 from 1.-4. May 2014 in Freiburg we offered a scientific theatre workshop. The event was organized by an initiative called “Synagieren – Initiative für Gemeinsames Handeln” and students & practitioners from all around Germany were invited to participate.

During the two days of the workshop we shared our experience of how to use theatre as a tool for communicating policy and scientific debates on sustainability. We introduced some basic theatre exercises that then enabled us to playfully and interactively deal with sustainability issues and start a dialogue amongst ourselves and the environment. During the two days, we collectively found common themes that we were interested in to develop short scenes which we combine into a small piece.

Tour to Greifswald & Rostock

Mid-October we organized a Scientific Theatre Tour to the Baltic Sea. In Greifswald we performed as part of the alumni conference “Conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems” on 12th October and for a wider public in the student organized theatre on 14th October. In between Sadhbh, Andrea, Jade and Torben facilitated a 5-hour workshop for the Ökohaus e.V. Rostock and the team showed potpourri of various scenes as evening event at the Peter-Weiss-Haus in Rostock. Despite the tight schedule we couldn’t forego a bath in the Baltic Sea.