International Alumni Project Seminar in Greifswald and Vilm

On Wednesday, 03 June 2015, we performed at the International Alumni Project Seminar “The Way to Sustainability on the Isle of Rügen – Gaps and Bridges” in Greifswald. The project seminar brings together international alumni of Master programmes at German universities qualified in the fields of sustainability, ecology and/or conservation to discuss developments, challenges and opportunities of the respective fields. We performed at a prior alumni meeting in Greifswald in autumn 2013.

After our performance the orgaizers invited us to participate in the seminar’s guided tour on the island of Vilm – national park and “a heaven of captivating natural beauty, a gem of the Baltic Sea coast.” Below some pictures of the trip.

University Grant for Art and Sustainability Program

In a fantastic start to 2015, we are happy to report that the Freiburg Scientific Theatre, in conjunction with the MEG Program, has received a generous grant from the University of Freiburg to develop and conduct a seminar and workshop series on Art and Sustainability Science. The grant, which was awarded by the University’s Student Representative Council, comes from an Innovation Fund designed to encourage inventive and original teaching methods.

The Freiburg Scientific Theatre intends to use the grant to bring prominent international academics working in the field of interactions between art, sustainability and science to the University of Freiburg to lead a series of lectures and open discussions. In addition, a series of interactive theatre and art workshops will be held to encourage university students to experiment with the use of artistic methods to communicate important sustainability science messages. The two-part program will be held over the summer and winter semesters in 2015, with each part culminating with a public performance by the Freiburg Scientific Theatre.

More details on the Art and Sustainability Program will be posted on this website soon.

Vision Weekend at the Mathisle Hut

The first weekend of December 2014 we spend at a 250-year-old hut in the Black Forest. On Saturday we reflected on the shows, workshops and developments in 2014 and started to dream and plan the upcoming year.

The result of this exciting collective process was a tree (see pictures) – the roots symbolizing our experiences and history, the trunk to represent the present and a wide crown of dreams and wishes for the future. Inspired by the fun day we decided to develop new scenes on climate change in the first month of 2015.

For Sunday we invited all members of the association to the annual membership meeting (Mitgliederversammlung) to discuss the finances of the Freiburg Scientific Theatre e.V. and elect new board members. To enjoy the fact that the Mathisle Hut is surrounded by forest, we went for a long hike in the afternoon – and continued to plan a world/ transsiberian tour in 2016.

Freiburg Scientific Theatre e.V.

Due to the positive responses from diverse audiences with different academic, professional and cultural backgrounds, and the motivating personal experiences we enjoyed during the project, we decided to take our initiative to the next level. In November 2012 we founded a legal association (e.V.) in Germany. This legal entity allows us to receive donations and promote the concept of Scientific Theatre as corporate body by organising performances that facilitate a dialogue on sustainability between practitioners, scientific communities and the public.

Student Engagement Award

In October 2012, the Freiburg Scientific Theatre was honoured by the University of Freiburg for its outstanding engagement in creating and performing “Setting the Stage for Sustainable Consuption” for the 2012 Freiburg Forum on Environmental Governance. The Theatre’s forging of new paths in academic communication through its innovative combination of science and arts to convey the topic of sustainable consumption also earned it the University’s nomination for the “Sonderpreis für herausragendes studentisches Engagement des Landes Baden-Württemberg” (a state-wide university student engagement award).